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Vertilift Pro

The Vertilift Pro offers an electric sit stand solution that is so easy to use and set up.

Simply change height with the touch of a button.

The Vertilift Pro lets you work sitting or standing with absolute ease. You can simply place one or 2 monitors on top of the unit on their stands, or you can purchase a monitor arm accessory. These arms clamp to the back of the unit and let you adjust the height and position of the monitor.

The Vertilift Pro also comes with a USB Charging port next to the up and down buttons.


Height Range of Worksurface: 150mm – 515mm

Height Range of Keyboard Tray: 20mm – 385mm

Lift Range: 365mm


Worksurface Measurements: 880mm Wide x 410mm Deep (470 Deep on edges)

Keyboard Tray Measurements: 840mm Wide x 235mm Deep

Vertilift Pro is 615mm Deep in total. However the legs are only 410mm deep, so only 410mm needs to be sitting on the desk for it to be stable.  This means that it can sit on shallow desks too.

Vertilift Pro comes almost fully assembled. 4 thumb screws attach the keyboard tray to the unit. Plug the transformer box into the power lead, and the lead into the powerpoint and you are in action!

Warranty: 5 Years